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Property Brothers


The Property Brothers is perhaps one of the biggest property shows in Canada. This reality TV show airs on W Network in Canada and HGTV in the united states. The show is all about two identical twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott who try and help people interested in buying a house purchase and relocate.

What makes this show have a professional sense of direction is due to the fact that Drew is a real-estate expert who finds neglected houses and negotiates the purchase of the same. On the other hand, Jonathan is a licensed contractor whose work is to renovate houses. So with these skillsets, the duo help families find, buy and transform those fixer-uppers into classic and beautiful homes within a strict budget and timeline.

The show has been up and running from 2011 and each episode starts with these two men showing potential buyers a house that has everything on their wish list but appears to be above their budget. They will then show these potential home seekers some fixer-uppers that somehow fit their dream homes. The buyers now have to select the most preferred houses. The list must be narrowed down to two houses. These are the houses the twins will pick and use computerized imagery to unveil their vision of the home after the renovation has been done.

What spices up the show is the fact that the renovation has to be within a condensed time-line. Most improvement shows on TV that work in an accelerated renovation format don’t have three experienced crews who work on the house within 4-7 weeks-that’s what makes this show different. The buyer sets out his project budget and the twins try and work with it. You need to understand that the buyer owns the house and pay for the remodeling.

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