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Rehab Addict


Rehab Addict is a reality TV on HGTV hosted By Nicole Curtis. The show is all about home remodeling and the host does everything to show homeowners how a neglected home can be transformed into a state-of-the-art modern home. What’s interesting about this show is that it shows how historic structures in Detroit and Minneapolis can be brought back to life.

The show is all about Curtis and how she buys the homes then remodels them. And just like most home remodeling TV shows where the host also takes part in the construction process, Curtis doesn’t just sit back and let her dedicated team of contractors do the hard work. She also follows the do-it-yourselfer and takes on much of the manual labor. Viewers get to see how her team salvage and restore what was left of the old walls.

There are interesting scenes that make this TV show popular like when Curtis tries to manage her stubborn yet cooperative crew or  city officials to bring her ideas to work. Believe it or not, this charming also wields her hummer and gets her team to return abandoned homes to their place as the pride of the neighborhood.

The show also covers her journey across Detroit and Minneapolis and how she falls in love with the historic details and rustic charm of homes. Together with her team, they add some new decor, landscaping overhaul and some woodwork. Viewers start to see the step by step transformation as the eyesore begins to look revitalized.

The realistic part of this TV show is the fact that Nicole and her team work on the home’s original style to enhance its curb appeal and not lose any of its early 20th century grand beauty. So that plus the engaging personality of the host makes this show outstanding.

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